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Behavior Contract

Ms. Kilcrease’s Grade Wise Owls

Classroom Owl Rules:

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible                                        
  3. Be a TEAM!


Owl Discipline:

Every child has their name on a clothespin and starts on “Ready to Learn” each day. If a student is acting inappropriately the clothespin will be moved down to “Think About It.” Think About It serves as a warning to slow down inappropriate behaviors and can result in time out of recess. If behavior continues, the result will be teacher choice. Student will give Ms. Kilcrease their clip. Giving your clip to the teacher will result in missed recess, a call home, 5 points off of conduct grade and possible office referral depending on the seriousness of offense.


Owl Conduct Grades:

Each student is given a conduct grade for each week. Grades are based on how many times you had to move your clip on the behavior chart. For each time a student moves their clip downwards they will lose 2 points off their conduct grade. When a student has to give me their clip they will lose 5 points off their conduct grade. Students will have a warning (think about it) before giving me their clip.


At the end of every week, each student has the opportunity to earn “Owl Bucks”. These serve as a behavior incentive. If students do not have to move their clip or loose points off their conduct grade, students will receive 5 “Owl Bucks”. When students have earned 20, they will have earned a trip to the treasure box! Students will also be able to earn extra bucks. If a student at any point during the week moves their clip to Super Student, he or she will receive 2 “Owl Bucks"!


Owl Grading:

Students have the opportunity to correct any failing test. The highest passing grade they can receive on the test that has been redone with Ms. Kilcrease or in ICU can receive UP TO a 70. A 70 is not guaranteed for just redoing an assignment.



Owl Birthday Parties:

If your student is celebrating a birthday you may bring cupcakes or cookies at 2:30.  If possible please let me know in advance that you will be bringing goodies so that I can have the students ready when you arrive so that our bus students have time to enjoy their cookie/cupcake. J


Owl Homework Log:

Your child will bring home a HOMEWORK folder (green) every day. In their folder they will have a behavior chart that is to be signed daily.


Page 1-2: Behavior Chart/Calendar  

This is to be signed daily by parent or guardian


Page 3-4: Math Tuesday and Thursday Please practice with your student

Days of the Week

Months of the year practice

Numbers and Number words


Page 5-6: Poetry,

Every week your student will have a poem to practice reading. In class we will work on the poem. Behind the poem is a signature sheet. The student is responsible for reading the poem 20 times in a week. They may read to ANYONE as many times as they would like to.


Also included will be a phonics book and a sight word list. These need to be practiced every night to see progress in your students learning! 


Homework should take no more than 30 minutes a night.


Please make sure their folder is in their backpack and returned to school every day! A way to help your child out is to listen to them as they read and ask them questions about the story! Their homework folders will also be sent home with important notes, upcoming events, etc. You may also send any note or lunch money in the folder. I will check them every morning. discuss these guidelines with your student. Please sign the next page and return it in their green homework folder. I am looking forward to working with you!


Thank you,
Kelsey Kilcrease


I have discussed the Discipline and Homework policies with my child. I have encouraged him/her to exhibit good behavior by following these policies.



Child’s name: ________________________________


Parent’s Signature: _______________________________



Parent Contact information:


Name: ___________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________

Email: ___________________________________


Name: ___________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________

Email: ___________________________________


Name: ___________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________



Please give me the best number to reach you at!