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About Becky Carnero

My name is Becky Carnero, I have been teaching for 7 years.  My career started long before that!  I was an instructional aide for 19 years, 12 of those years at Cullender.  I went back to school after a long wait.  I finally graduated in 2008 from UTPB, and immediately was given a classroom in March.  Overall, my years of experience total 26years. I love what I do, and cannot see myself doing anything else in world.  I was chosen as Teacher of the Year two years ago and I was totally surprised! Ok... enough of me!

I have been married to a wonderful man named, Robbie Carnero for 26years.  We have been blessed with a son, Nick Carnero, who is an 9th grader this year.  We have lived in Monahans 25 years with the exception of moving to Odessa for one year, but we immediately returned back to  our home town and have remained here since.

My son is very active in football and golf.  We travel alot during the school year as well as in the summer, where he participates in the Junior PGA Tour.  It has given him lots of experience and he dreams and hopes to one day become a professional golf player.  I am very proud of the son we have raised.  His list in life includes: God First, Grades, Sports, and everything there after, including us!LOL


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